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Our Music

Drawing inspiration from a variety of genres, AVRA’s plethora of styles will have something to impress everyone. Rock, jazz, R&B, pop, or alternative.

With inspiration coming from Zeppelin, Foreigner, U2, Chicago, and Nirvana, no two songs are ever alike (except Vihan’s solos).

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Our Members

Arkam "Banshee" Mazrui

I sing. I play guitar. What more do you want.

I decided to start a band in 2015 with Vihan, Aura, and Robbie. They liked the idea, and we started jamming together. The band’s changed a bit, but we all have the same love for music.

Vihan "Chips" Samawarickrama
I get us gigs. I can’t guarantee they’ll be good gigs, but I’ll get us gigs. Also all my solos sound the same but that’s alright because they’re amazing.
Aura Zauawng Laphai

Okay, so it all started when Vihan said the chemistry hot plates look like guitar pedals. The rest is history.

Until age 11, music was always something that I liked but never played. I jokingly told Arkam and Vihan I could play bass for them. Turns out it’s not that hard.

David Gallo

I’ve been playing music all my life: piano at age 4, saxophone at 11, and drums at 12. AVRA was looking for a drummer online. I thought it was for one gig so I signed up. It was more than one gig.

Mihailo Krstic
They call me the Pianoman.
Robbie "The Ghost" Page

He’s with us in spirit!


Get it… Because he’s a spirit.

Matthew Charles Vlasblom:

AVRA – multi-cultural 5-piece R&B/classic rock band. A comical, energetic band, their setlist and stage performances were fun and worth-watching.”

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“Singer/guitarist Arkam Mazrui provided some James Brown-style vocals with some smooth soulful singing not in a couple of tunes.

Mazrui and lead guitarist Samawarickrama showed off some dynamic lead solos, while drummer David Gallo seemed to wanting to play the keyboard as he carried it and played it at the end of the band’s set.”

Our History

Here are some of the logos we considered when first starting our band. We knew from the start we wanted a black/white theme, but that was it.

June 2015

Tentative looks into our first logo, before David Gallo and Mihailo Krstic joined AVRA.

July 2015

Back when the band was first made, we were debating naming the band “AVRA” but pronouncing it “AURA”, hence this early logo.

December 2015

We were into the hand-drawn look. This logo was easy to read and playful. We liked how it represented the band, so we kept it for a while.

January 2016

More of a playful option, we were looking at adding some colour to our band. We reversed the V but kept the same font as before. We didn’t use it though.

March 2016

We tried to go for a more Rock look, and came up with a few options. Two are pictured here. We used the bottom one for a while, but eventually decided both options were too illegible.

March 2016

Our final choice was to keep the same theme but make it more legible and fun by detaching and slanting the ‘R’. We also reverted to our white-on-black scheme. We’ve kept and loved this logo to date.